Committee and group chairpersons  assist the pastor so Trinity   functions smoothly and  you can enjoy worshiping here.

The following vignettes describe the behind-the scenes work involved:


=YOUTH: Headed by  personable and energetic  LUPE ARIM LAW, teens  sixth grade through high school get together Sunday evenings to fellowship. This year the goal is for every participant to be confirmed into the church. Lupe is holding discussions based on Pastor Dave’s sermons and the lectionary for the week. They will kick it off on October 18th with a “lock in” or overnighter at their meeting room.

They  will continue to give service to the community doing Sunday dinners, by rotation, for the Torres Shelter. Another project is  working with Sow Happiness on sustainability with the purpose of helping the community garden with harvesting the produce. Besides being Youth Leader, Lupe is involved in community affairs and is a recent grad of CSUC.


=Trustees: Do you enjoy a cool sanctuary in summer and a warm one in winter,   functioning restrooms,, clean Sunday school class rooms and a Hadley Hall that’s enjoyable to socialize in?   Those are only part of the work of the TRUSTEES, headed by NANCY MAYR, whose purpose is  overseeing church property and  maintenance.  This year they worked closely with the Endowment Committee and the men responsible for the installation of solar panels to keep electrical costs at a minimum.

Nancy is observing her 30th year working at  Enloe,  and currently holds the position of Coordinator of Informatics and Education in the Rehab Department.  She also is Church Council Secretary,  heads the TBA circle and has made the most delicious dinner and cinnamon rolls for church events!.


=LAY LEADER: Who is that “go-to” person who is always at church whenever needed? That’s DAVID HAYNES , a retired teacher, whose job as  Lay Leader means “pastoring to the laymen”. He is the extraordinary volunteer who organized  the Fall Rummage Sale, helped with the UMW’s spring sale this year, and lends a hand whenever and wherever assistance is needed for  a church project . He has been known to help members at their  homes such as patching a roof or cutting down a tree  As  ex-officio of all committees he  attends their meetings so he’s on top of everything that goes on at Trinity. David also lends his rich voice to the choir.


=FINANCE : WE don’t like to talk  about money, but it’s a reality that is  needed to pay for  services that include  staff salaries, utilities, maintenance and allotting monies to the various committees’ needs . PAM BEEMAN-RABUT, recently retired school psychologist, has headed this committee for several years. They establish the church budget after the Stewardship Campaign  when members pledge their monetary support to the church. The committee’s work includes analyzing expenditures, a low key effort  to ascertain  pledges are paid, offerings recorded and members updated on their giving. Pam sings in the choir and often accompanies them playing her flute.


=If you’ve bought coffee, tea or candy at the Fair Trade table on Sundays, that is part of the work of the CHURCH AND SOCIETY  committee headed by GARY ESTEP. Fair Trade assures farmers in poor countries that their products are sold at fair market prices instead of enriching the middle man. Gary also sees to the first Sunday Food Share project to distribute food to the needy. The committee’s overall goal is Christian witness and outreach to the community and society at large. Gary contributed some mouth watering recipes to the UMW cookbook.


=RECONCILING  MINISTRIES  is co-chaired by STEVE RUNNER and TARA SMITH whose goal to  welcome and include all persons  regardless of race, color, ethnicity,  economic status, physical or mental capabilities  or gender preference.   During Gay Pride Week, the  group had a booth at the Plaza and sponsored a successful dance in Hadley Hall. They participated in celebrating  Harvey Milk Day and plan to observe World AIDS DAY in December and MLK Day in January. Steve has led other church committees and sings tenor in the choir, while Tara, who is relatively new to  Trinity, already helps with the Youth and will lead the Tone Chimes choir.

=CHRIS HULL heads the EDUCATION COMMITTEE and works with RICH WOLFF, COORDINATOR OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION.    The work of  the committee  includes Sunday School for the children, recruiting   teachers  and overseeing the curriculum to help  teach the children to become budding Christians. They held an Easter egg hunt,  coordinated Brad’s Basket that gathers gift certificates, clothing and toys for  a sick child and his/her family, ran  the VBS, and recently sponsored  a highly successful and fun Rally Day.  They are now planning a Christmas pageant.

Chris, a special ed teacher,  took the  photos  that hang in the hall as well as  overseeing the framing of photos of past members.


And if you enjoy reading editions of the TRINITY TIMES they’re done by Rich who is also  our church secretary.


=When there is an event that needs  help setting up tables and chairs, you can count on the BOY SCOUTS. They’ve had  a charter relationship with Trinity since 1929, and  HARRIE RILEY, Eagle Scout and formerly their Scoutmaster, is the CHARTER COORDINATOR, the  liaison between the church and the BSA.   HARRIE also helps with many church projects and drives the church van on rotation.


=The task of MEMBERSHIP is under the leadership of MARY WAHL who has also chaired various committees during  her long membership at Trinity. MEMBERSHIP welcomes visitors, takes charge of attendance,  name tags, and nurtures members with calls, visits and cards.  Mary’s work heading the  UMW’s Memorial Reception Committee  ties in nicely with leading the group. When there is that  need, she sees to floral arrangements ,  calls on volunteers to donate cookies and oversees the serving of coffee, tea and punch.  This year the Membership team had colorful postcards printed to invite the community to the Christmas Cantata, Easter service and Rally Day.


=For many years the ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL was led by GEORGIE SUMMERS, but when she retired, OLAV  SMITH, a professor of religious studies at CSUC, volunteered to continue the work.The group discusses works of Bible scholars and is currently studying and discussing GENESIS by Bill Moyers.  Olav ushers, and sings and plays the guitar on occasion, as well as preaching when Pastor has been away.


=Often, we’ve heard  congregants remark, “we come for the music” and that can be attributed  to our musically versatile Pastor Dave and MUSIC DIRECTOR  KATHY ECKART.  Kathy leads the choir, plays the organ and piano, and occasionally the accordion and the ukulele to enhance the worship music. She and Pastor work closely together to culminate in a meaningful and fulfilling  service.

Kathy’s leadership has resulted in full attendance  at Christmas and Easter services, performances by soloists from the  community, and the choir’s participation in the ecumenical Choir Festival when they were scheduled. Currently, Kathy says there is a need  for five  choir members owing to the loss of ill members, one who passed away and one who moved.  When not in church, Kathy is pianist for the Chico State’s  Music Department.


LA VONNE BROWN  Administrative Council chairman, ART BROWN  who heads  SPRC and NEVA WACKER,  president of  the UMW,  will have separate statements explaining their work.

by Lily Loughlin