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Our rummage sale last month was a huge success, thanks to David Haynes and many helping hands.  The final total was just a shade under $1,500.  This will definitely help fund the service projects we committed to this year, including a one-time donation of an extra $1,000 to our church budget.  Thank you, thank you, David and ladies (and maybe a couple of gents, too).  Also, thanks to the Boy Scouts for setting up the tables.

At our February meeting, Gary Estep spoke to us about the work of the Church and Society Committee, in particular our church’s support of the Youth for Change 6th Street Center.  He also spoke about Chris Moore-Backman, a peace and social justice advocate, who has written a book “The Gandhian Iceberg.”  Many thanks, Gary, for an interesting and informative program.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 12th at 10 a.m. in Hadley Hall.  Representatives from the Jesus Center will speak to us about their various programs.  All women (and men, too) are invited to attend.  We will have devotions and snack time prior to the talk.  Do come!

We are still selling Trinity cookbooks, which would be a good addition for adult Easter baskets!  We are also seeking angels to purchase copies for the Esplanade House as well as residents of the new homes supported by the Jesus Center. See Lily Loughlin or Mavis McGillis to make a donation or purchase ($5 each or 5 for $20).

SAVE THE DATE…Plans are underway for a Mother’s Day Tea on Saturday, May 13th.  More information to come.

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United Methodist Women News

UMW Calendar for 2016

Officers for 2016 – President – Neva Wacker, Vice President – Zora Sanborn, Treasurer- Coleen Scholman, Secretary- Lucille Wanee

January – UMW Unit meeting – Tuesday, 12th  at 10AM

Nomination of officers and set calendar for 2016

February- Valentine Tea – Saturday 13th – 1-3PM @ the church

All women of the church are invited.

March – UMW Rummage Sale – Friday & Saturday, 4th & 5th

David Haynes – Coordinator    Thursday, 3rd –for set up

April  –  UMW Planning Meeting for Bazaar

Chairman – Neva Wacker and Kay Loo



Candy ________________________

Country Store_____________________

Next to New ____________________

Hand-made Crafts/Embroidery/Knit or Crochet___________________________


May       Possible Speaker

15-20th – VIM Trip to Weed, CA – Contact Suellen Rowlinson

June-     Possible trip to Merlo Park in Stirling City –   June & July – no meetings

August-  Possible speaker – Katherine Parker, Missionary from Nepal  –  Sunday 26th

September – Tuesday 13th, Planning meeting for Bazaar

Great Northern District Annual Celebration, Sat. 18th @ Trinity UMC, Anderson, CA

October – Planning Meeting for Bazaar – Bring your craft ideas – Tuesday, 11th

November – Bazaar – Friday & Saturday, Set- up on Thursday.  Two possible dates:

First Choice: December 2nd & 3rd       Second Choice: November 18th & 19th


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Trinity United Methodist Women Brunch

Save the Date: Saturday July 25th at 10am

The TUMW are hosting a pot luck brunch on Saturday July 25th at 10am in Hadley Hall.

Everyone is invited.  Come hear Peter Cowles, president of The Seeds of Dignity Ministries speak about the outreach and partnering they are doing in the Philippines. As many of you know from reading the posters in Hadley Hall following the 10:30 services, Seeds of Dignity is a faith based ministry to help less fortunate Filipinos break out of the long-term bondage of poverty, both physical and spiritual.

Many of you who have contributed postage, clothing, vitamins, books and toys to the children of the Haven of Hope Orphanage and the young ladies at the Transition House have asked me what Peter has been doing and how the items you have donated have helped. This is your chance to talk with Peter and learn about the ways in which the Seeds of Dignity Ministries helps those in poverty by establishing lively hood programs and partnering with other organizations.

As Peter says “The real help doesn’t come from just giving things to those in poverty without a purpose or strategy. Well intentioned giving can even complicate poverty reduction by creating dependency on the outside resources.”

If you would like to know more about this exciting ministry you may call me.

Mayeve Tate 530 342-2494.


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In last month’s Trinity Times I listed the current donations of our TUMW group for 2015, which totaled $6,700.  Now we can add to that list another $1,100+ for the painting of our lounge.  Trinity women have been actively dedicated to the promotion of missions and their support and outreach to others for decades.  We are a group with a rich history and a challenging future, organized for mission locally, nationally, and internationally.

For over 140 years, United Methodist Women have recognized the need to commit funds to make life better for women, children, and youth.  The commitment of funds has not always been easy, but it has always provided hope, encouragement, and a means to a better life.  In the 1800s,  the average per capita income was $186.  Eight determined and dedicated women in New England, met together to save pennies from their household funds for missionary work.  In the mid-1800s, they were able to send Isabella Thoburn and Dr. Clara Swain to India as their first missionaries.  Many others followed, serving in different countries.  Lifetime mission work as a teacher or doctor was one of the most innovative career paths for unmarried women until the late 20th century.

However, by 1964, Methodist women’s mission societies lost the right to send their own missionaries and to promote mission education to children, often in the name of efficiency or reducing duplication of effort.  The gradual decline in mission-supported women’s institutions were turned over to national churches where leaders did not place a high priority on women’s work.  Also, in the 1950s,  countries newly independent of Western control removed the missionaries.  Women fought to gain voice and vote and then clergy rights within the churches.  Thus, the end of the womens’ missionary society shifted the focus from supporting women’s rights in the mission fields to struggling for women’s rights within the churches at home.

Since those first humble beginnings, our organization has grown to nearly one million and our giving has increased.  Unfortunately, the needs around the world continue to increase at an even greater rate.  In this 21st century, we need to continue to lift up the central role women played in mission and outreach in the growing churches around the world.  From a global perspective, organizing laywomen into groups, teaching them to read, promoting advances in medical care and human rights, and helping women gain economic self-sufficiency can lift entire communities out of poverty.  To echo what the missionaries of old used to say:   the health of societies can be judged by how they treat women and children.  To reach a mother is to improve all of society.   

     We give special THANKS to all our Trinity Family for your continued support in our

various projects and fundraisers for the betterment of women, children, and youth in our outreach.  YEAH FOR THE WOMEN and all their strong supporters!!!



LaVonne Brown


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