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Our rummage sale last month was a huge success, thanks to David Haynes and many helping hands.  The final total was just a shade under $1,500.  This will definitely help fund the service projects we committed to this year, including a one-time donation of an extra $1,000 to our church budget.  Thank you, thank you, David and ladies (and maybe a couple of gents, too).  Also, thanks to the Boy Scouts for setting up the tables.

At our February meeting, Gary Estep spoke to us about the work of the Church and Society Committee, in particular our church’s support of the Youth for Change 6th Street Center.  He also spoke about Chris Moore-Backman, a peace and social justice advocate, who has written a book “The Gandhian Iceberg.”  Many thanks, Gary, for an interesting and informative program.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 12th at 10 a.m. in Hadley Hall.  Representatives from the Jesus Center will speak to us about their various programs.  All women (and men, too) are invited to attend.  We will have devotions and snack time prior to the talk.  Do come!

We are still selling Trinity cookbooks, which would be a good addition for adult Easter baskets!  We are also seeking angels to purchase copies for the Esplanade House as well as residents of the new homes supported by the Jesus Center. See Lily Loughlin or Mavis McGillis to make a donation or purchase ($5 each or 5 for $20).

SAVE THE DATE…Plans are underway for a Mother’s Day Tea on Saturday, May 13th.  More information to come.

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Youth Group “Love Your Neighbor” Luncheon

Love Your Neighbor Luncheon


On April 30, after the 10:30 worship service, the Trinity youth group invites you to a very special luncheon. All proceeds will be donated to a recent immigrant family who are in need of assistance.

Come to Hadley Hall for a delicious lunch and at the same time make a difference in the lives of one of our neighbors.


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Worship Plans for April 2017


Today we enjoy the wonderfully engaging story from Ezekiel 37:1-14, the one about the dry bones.  Such an affirming tale, with wisdom for us all.  Holy Communion will be served, and new life offered, too!  The homily will be called “Claiming the Power to Prophesy”.



Today is a festival Sunday, where both Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and some of the passion story, will be celebrated.  The primary text is Matthew 27:11-54.  The service promises to be moving and thoughtful, and the message is entitled “From Bad to Worse?”   Please remember, there will be just ONE service today, at 10:30am.



Join us this evening for a lovely service of solemnity and sacrament, as we commemorate Jesus’ last night on earth, and the final meal with his followers.  We will meet at 7pm in the Chapel, and at some point will adjourn to the Upper Room next door for a very moving Communion experience.



Matthew 28:1-10 is this year’s version of the great and exciting resurrection narrative.  Festive music and liturgy, and a rousing sermon called “The Demise of Fear” will all contribute to another memorable Easter experience.



John 20:19-31 takes us back to familiar ground, with the post-resurrection stories of the disciples and the ever-present doubting Thomas.    The sermon will be called “Really?  Truly?”



Today we return to our annual celebration of the faith contributions made to Christianity by Native American people.  Liturgy and song and traditional instruments will all contribute to a peaceful, introspective mood.  Our music, fittingly enough, will be offered in the style of Taize, as is our habit every fifth Sunday in a month.  Luke 24:13-35 tells the wonderful post-resurrection story of the events on the way to Emmaus, and the sermon will be called “Full Disclosure”.

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Pastor Dave’s April 2017 Message

It has been an interesting winter here in Chico, a season now thoroughly behind us.…the wettest (is that really a word?) since I have come to California.  I tend to run hot-blooded, and so my Celtic self is happy splashing through the mud and getting chilled, it just feels right.  But the seasons are turning for sure, within and without.

Spring for me is so much more than just the warming and blossoming of the earth…it is, in many ways, our most spiritual season.  We have the symbols of new life all around us; baby bunnies and chicks and lambs and calves, flowers bursting forth with renewed vigor…but unless we take the storm windows off of our souls, we risk having the appearance of renewal without its reality.  And that would be sad, in a wintry kind of way, like spring flowers painted on a brick wall.  I want the real thing, don’t you?

I have never forgotten the old Scottish story of the baby born in the Orkney Islands…think Arctic Circle-type of islands.  All the young folks had moved away decades ago, with the net effect that there had been no baby among the people for – are you ready for this – over eighty years.  Eighty years!  And so, when a vacationing pregnant granddaughter got stranded and delivered her firstborn there, it was quite a celebration!  New life, here, after all the cold and wet and bleak and barren!  How wonderful!

And how wonderful for the faithful of Scotland, to have such a fine illustration of God at work so close to Easter.  How much better they could understand the disciples, following the arrest and mockery and trial and crucifixion, who were as bleak and beaten as those old Scots had been.  No new life, no hope, no promised future, not here, not ever…a cold, awful place to live.  And into that dead, desiccated dough, God drops the leaven of new life, the yeast of Christ, who cannot and will not and never will die…how perfectly wonderful!

So even though, by Scottish standards, our recent winter was pretty tame, you don’t have to live near the Arctic Circle to understand how tough life can seem.  We get plenty of examples every day, broadcast into our minds and hearts by our ever-so-thoughtful media.  It is when times are tough that I am most glad for the Easter story, that we might all be reminded of God’s ongoing, continuing, unstoppable effort to make sweet heavenly lemonade out of bitter human lemons.  Judas made tragic errors, as did Peter, and Pilate, and several dozen or hundred or thousand others, and Jesus ended up dead.  What a mistake, such a tragedy…but only to us.  To God, it was just another wrinkle in the cosmic sheet that was ironed out, smoothed, and changed us all forever.

So, when you nibble the ears off your chocolate bunny, or gently salt another hard-boiled egg, or enjoy another tender chunk of lamb, give thanks for the rich symbols of new life that surround us this time of year, wherever we live.  Whether it comes early or late, in a newborn or in the aged, God is in the new life business, and we are all not-so-silent partners.  Happy Easter season to everyone!

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