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Our rummage sale last month was a huge success, thanks to David Haynes and many helping hands.  The final total was just a shade under $1,500.  This will definitely help fund the service projects we committed to this year, including a one-time donation of an extra $1,000 to our church budget.  Thank you, thank you, David and ladies (and maybe a couple of gents, too).  Also, thanks to the Boy Scouts for setting up the tables.

At our February meeting, Gary Estep spoke to us about the work of the Church and Society Committee, in particular our church’s support of the Youth for Change 6th Street Center.  He also spoke about Chris Moore-Backman, a peace and social justice advocate, who has written a book “The Gandhian Iceberg.”  Many thanks, Gary, for an interesting and informative program.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, April 12th at 10 a.m. in Hadley Hall.  Representatives from the Jesus Center will speak to us about their various programs.  All women (and men, too) are invited to attend.  We will have devotions and snack time prior to the talk.  Do come!

We are still selling Trinity cookbooks, which would be a good addition for adult Easter baskets!  We are also seeking angels to purchase copies for the Esplanade House as well as residents of the new homes supported by the Jesus Center. See Lily Loughlin or Mavis McGillis to make a donation or purchase ($5 each or 5 for $20).

SAVE THE DATE…Plans are underway for a Mother’s Day Tea on Saturday, May 13th.  More information to come.

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Public Service Message

“Impact”, the legislative branch of the California Council of Churches is asking church people to call our legislators to give them our individual position on issues that will be forthcoming from the new administration. It takes about 2 minutes. Give your name, where you are from, how you want them to vote on an issue–either for or against. Right now Speaker of the House Paul Ryan hopes to get rid of the Affordable Care Act–health care for low income workers. Are you for or against? Call before 2:00 p.m.

-Georgie Summers


Paul Ryan–I-(202) 225-0600

Rep. Doug LaMalfa: l-(202) 225-3076

Sen. Diane Feinstein: 1-(202) 224-3841

Sen. Kamala Harris: 1-(202) 224-3553


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UMCOR Weed Project Update

Dear Trinity & UMW,

Below is a letter that I received  on Dec. 18 from Andrea Herr who was hired by UMCOR to do recovery after the Weed/Boles fire in Sept. 2014. She helped us find two young boys who were effected by the fire to go to Shasta Children’s Camp last July.  Upon speaking to Rev. Dave Samelson, Great Northern Superintendent who preached recently at Trinity and was at Shasta Camp, I found out a bit more about the boys camp experience. So, I wrote to Andrea to learn more.  ——-Suellen Rowlison




The boys that were able to attend the Shasta Children’s Camp thanks to your church’s and women’s group’s scholarships were 12 and 11.  They have three siblings.  Their mother is a single mother.  I hope you don’t mind that I don’t give their names as I am going to share some personal information, and they might be recognizable if it were to be heard in this community.


Their mother  told me that the boys really enjoyed the summer camp.  Pastor Joe Morgan (pastor at Shasta City & Montague UMCs) also said they enjoyed themselves and made friends, some of them from Weed and Montague, close to their Lake Shastina home.  He said they got involved in all the camp activities.  Their mother really wanted to be there for the closing, and Joe made it possible.


I helped to gather a few supplies for the boys’ camping, and Joe did as well.  I took the boys up to the camp, and Joe brought them home. When I dropped them off, everyone was very welcoming.


One of our Weed Long Term Recovery Group members adopted the family for Christmas and is giving them some very nice gifts.  She asked them for suggestions which of course the children were glad to give.


I might mention one thing.  This summer the family’s old truck was stolen.  Having no transportation of their own is difficult, especially as they live outside of Weed.  There is a school bus run and limited public bus transportation.  I’ve been thinking that I should get the word out and see if someone might have an older, but functioning, car that they are thinking of donating to a charity.  Perhaps they would consider giving it or selling it very cheaply to this family.  I’m going to get the word out in this community as well.  I’ve mentioned it at Long Term Recovery Group meetings, but I should let churches and service organizations know.  Someone suggested a letter to the editor. If you feel it is appropriate, perhaps you could mention it in your newsletter.


The family are survivors of the Boles Fire in Weed.  They are very low income.  The mother is a student at College of the Siskiyous and, I believe, would like to work in the legal field. Sometimes health problems get in the way of her studies at C.O.S.


Thank you, Suellen, for your part in making it possible for the boys to go to the Children’s Camp.  Thank you again to your church and women’s group.




Andrea Herr, Case Manager for Boles Fire Survivors,


Weed Long Term Recovery Group

P.O. Box 635

Weed, CA 96094




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Upcoming Mission Trip

Join Volunteers in Mission to Weed, Calif., May 15-21, 2016


The California Nevada Annual Conference has designated the town of Weed as an official UMCOR disaster site to help residents to rebuild after the Weed Boles Fire of Sept. 2014. Some 150 homes were destroyed or damaged.


I am in contact with the First United Methodist Church of Seal Beach which is sending a team, May 15 to 21, Sunday through Saturday. Their team will use the first and last days for travel from So. Calif.  We have been invited to join them to fill out their team. The work will be home demo/repair/remodel or fence building to contain animals. There will be a site construction coordinator and jobs for all skill levels. Others are needed to prepare meals, be go-fers, interact with local children and reach out to the community. The nearest Methodist Church is in Mt. Shasta.


Greg Fellers, Lay Leader, at First UMC, Seal Beach, is the coordinator with about 10 volunteers tentatively signed up. He would like to have some young families or youth involved, if possible.  Housing will be at the Hi-Lo Motel & RV Park that has a 4-bedroom house with a kitchen and living room where meals can be shared and  a place for the team to meet. Additional rooms have also been reserved. Costs will include travel, housing, food, insurance and donation for materials. Final cost is to be determined, but, of course, travel from Chico would be minimal.


If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible, so that I can inform Greg Fellers. Greg most recently led a VIM team to Oklahoma.  Here is an opportunity close to home to help a devastated commuinity. Even if you can’t go, you could help the team financially. Details to follow.


Suellen Rowlison, Church and Society Committee  (my mother was a member of Seal Beach UMC for years)


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