January 2017 Worship Plans

Sunday, January 1st   HAPPY NEW YEAR!                                                                        We begin the year together with the loveliest of Gospel texts, the Prologue to John, found in John 1:1-14.  The sermon will be called “The Freshest of the Fresh”, and we will wait till next week to enjoy communion…rumor has it that some traveling magi will be in our vicinity next weekend.

Sunday, January 8th   EPIPHANY AND COMMUNION SUNDAY                             

Matthew 2:1-12 is the authoritative story of the arrival of the Magi to worship baby Jesus and offer the famous trio of gifts.  The homily will be entitled “Late to The Party”, and we will enjoy Holy Communion as served by our visitors from the East.

Sunday, January 15th                                                                                                           This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, we focus upon the inspirational words of Psalm 40.  We will pray historic prayers, sing rousing songs, and hear the sermon “Unrestrained Lips and Lives”.

Sunday, January 22nd                                                                                                            We are well into the Epiphany season by now…time to gather some disciples!   And that is exactly what happens in the famous episode from Matthew 4:12-23.  The sermon this morning will be called “Fishing by Natural Light”.

Sunday, January 29th    TAIZE SUNDAY                                                                                    The Beatitudes, as found in Matthew 5:1-12, will guide our gentle, seated, reverent service today in the style of Taize.  There will be a lot of singing and prayer, and the homily “Old Wisdom for a New Year”.


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March 2016 Worship Plans


Sunday, March 6 Fourth Sunday of Lent
On this spring Communion Sunday, we hear encouraging and everlasting words from Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth, chapter 5, vs. 16-21.  The homily today will be called “Fresh and New”.  Communion will be served.  And don’t forget the community choir festival this evening!

Sunday, March 13        Fifth Sunday of Lent       Celtic Sunday
It has become our habit to enjoy Celtic music and spiritual uplift on the Sunday nearest St. Patrick’s Day.  In addition to lovely tunes and airs, we also will hear the enchanting story found in John 12.1-8, and the sermon, “There is a Balm in Bethany”.

Sunday, March 20          Sixth Sunday of Lent.  Palm/Passion Sunday
Luke leads our solemn celebration this year; the story of the triumphal entry as found in chapter 19, vs. 28-40, and then the dramatic narrative of the Passion, as told in chapters 22 and 23.  The message will be called “Parade, Passover, Passion”.  Those who wish may gather at the hands statue and process to worship before the 10:30 service.

Sunday, March 27             EASTER DAY!
All the gloom of Lent gives way to the triumph of Easter, as revealed in Luke 24. 1-12. The joyful message is entitled “Knowing Where To Look”.  Festival music and hymns make for an uplifting day!


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Worship in May

Sunday, May 3rd   MAY DAY

The evocative agricultural storytelling of Jesus is in full bloom as recorded in John 15:1-8…expect a wonderful service, lively music, and reverent Communion.  The morning message is entitled “Abiding in the Pruning Shed”.

Sunday,  May 10th  MOTHERS DAY

“Choosing Love”, based on John 15:9-17, is the sermon on this celebration day.  We honor moms and motherhood and all the maternal instincts that continue to raise up the Church.  A lovely, inspiring service is planned.

Sunday,  May 17th     RECONCILING SUNDAY

Today we celebrate again our choice to value inclusiveness and broad compassion as a Reconciling Congregation.  The text is John 17:6-19, a section of Jesus’ great prayer for all believers, across time and nation and every other man-made division.  The sermon will be called “Unified, Protected, and Holy”, and will be an exploration of some very interesting spiritual ideas!


We honor our war dead, and celebrate our spiritually reborn on this festive day.  The story, as always, comes from Acts 2:1-21, and the message will simply be called “Commemoration”.


We end the busy month of May with a touching and uplifting time, promoting our younger ones to new levels of Christian education, and welcoming new members through Confirmation.  The most appropriate text is John 3:1-10, and the message will be named “By Water and Spirit We Rise”.  All of the child-related festivity will occur at the 10:30 service, and our early worship time will have its usual serene tone.


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Worship In December

Sunday, December 7th   ADVENT TWO, HOLY COMMUNION

The second Sunday of Advent features the preaching on John the Baptist, and the striking ways in which he prepared for the arrival of the Messiah.  Mark 1.1-8 is the text; the sermon is called “Sandal Thongs and Spirit Songs”.  Wonderful music and Holy Communion will also be enjoyed today.

Sunday, December 14th  ADVENT THREE, GAUDETE SUNDAY  

The third Sunday in Advent is traditionally lighter, more joyful than the others, and has carried the Latin name Gaudete Sunday, a day of joy.  The sturdy text is from 1 Thessalonians 5. 16-24, and the sermon will be entitled “Sound Advice”.  There will be plenty of wonderful sound today, too; Heidi Muller and Bob Webb, our guest artists from the Saturday Night concert, will be playing and singing for us in both services, and the Chime Choir will delight us at 10:30 as well.

Sunday, December 21st     ADVENT FOUR

We turn our hearts and minds towards Mary today, as we hear again the breathtaking tale of the Annunciation.  Luke 1. 26-38 is the text, and the message will be called “From Skepticism to Servanthood”.  Lovely choral music and super hymns will also be featured.

Wednesday, December 24th    FAMILY CHRISTMAS EVE, 3 pm, 7pm, 11pm

Ah, the lovely Christmas Eve…carols, candles, blest togetherness on the night of our Savior’s birth.  Wonderful multi-generational services are planned, with beautiful rituals, inspiring instrumental music and candlelight carol singing.  Bring the whole family, and especially the out of town ones!  The services at 3pm and 11pm will be in the Chapel; the 7pm service is in the Sanctuary.

Sunday, December 28th   CHRISTMASTIDE

Join us today for a lovely service of prayer, preaching, and music.  The text will be Isaiah 61. 10 – 62. 3, and the message will be called “In the Bleak Midwinter”.


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